CBG has been supplying badges, pins, fittings and accessories to customers around the world for over 50 years

We have enjoyed a reputation for our quality and consistently reliable service, and we are proud of the relationships that we have developed with our customers during this time.

We hope you find this website helpful. Many of the items included in our product range have been introduced over the years at the request of our customers, so we invite you to contact us if you require a particular product not currently illustrated, or if you are having difficulty sourcing products and would like us to do so for you. We have a long-standing relationship with suppliers in several countries which have access to a wide range of products far too diverse to list here.

Thank our existing customers for their loyal support over the years, and we look forward to meeting and welcoming new customers to CBG.

CBG also has two divisions that supply products into other markets. Below are links to the websites 

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